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Our Areas of expertise

  • Braille business card
  • Embossing documents
  • Braille transcription
  • Signs
  • Printing

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There are many people around the world who have poor vision, which makes it very difficult for them to read. Fortunately, they can now have access to books and documents of bigger fonts.

What is large print?

Large print or large font is a type of book or document that is printed in considerably larger than usual font size. It is intended to help people who have vision imperfection to be able to read more easily. These types of materials are becoming very common alongside braille printed ones in many libraries. The publishing of large font materials started in Lancaster, England in 1964. Since then, many companies are involved in this business. Canadian Braille Press, a Vancouver based company specializes in large print. The establishment was started in 2006 and over the years, it has built a solid reputation in the field. It also produces braille signs, transcriptions and business cards.

For all your large print and braille material needs, contact Canadian Braille Press. You can also visit their dedicated website for further information.

5793 Leitrim Rd.

- K0A 1K0 - Carlsbad Springs -

(613) 822-4774

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