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Our Areas of expertise

  • Braille business card
  • Embossing documents
  • Braille transcription
  • Signs
  • Printing

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With the large amount of people suffering from vision discrepancies, it has become important to translate documents and books into braille to help them get access to readable materials.

The braille translator

A braille translator is a software that is used to translate a text into braille cells, which is then sent to an embosser to produce braille hard copies. Basically, it is only the script that is translated not the language itself. The software can be run by both blinds or people with good vision. Canadian Braille Press, an establishment operating in Ottawa specializes in braille translation and transcription. It provides high quality transcriptions for monthly and annual reports, invoicing and billing, manuals, guidebooks, directories, policy statements etc. The company was created in March 2000 and count extensive experience in the braille industry.

Canadian Braille Press employs a team of 4 staff who have a combined experience of 30 years. You can rest assured that your braille translation project will be in safe hands.

5793 Leitrim Rd.

- K0A 1K0 - Carlsbad Springs -

(613) 822-4774

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