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Our Areas of expertise

  • Braille business card
  • Embossing documents
  • Braille transcription
  • Signs
  • Printing

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Many countries and governments are trying to make it easier for blind or visually impaired people find their way within buildings. Legislation has even been introduced regarding the matter.

Braille signs to help the blind person

There are millions of people all over the world suffering from vision problems. It is everyone's responsibility to do whatever is possible to render their lives easy and safe Nowadays, many buildings are required by law to have braille signs for the benefits of blinds or persons with poor vision. These signs are very important to easily identify restrooms, elevators, exits, safety equipment and more. One of the companies in Toronto engaged in the braille industry is Canadian Braille Press. It was created in March 2000 and specializes in braille products like signs, business cards and transcriptions etc.

Canadian Braille Press employes 4 people with a combined experience of 30 years. Call them now for any braille project.

5793 Leitrim Rd.

- K0A 1K0 - Carlsbad Springs -

(613) 822-4774

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