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The introduction of the braille reading and writing system has been very beneficial to blind or visually impaired people. 

What is the Braille system?

Braille is a system of reading and writing through touch using raised dots. It was created in 1824 by the Frenchman, Louis Braille, who was himself a blind person. The characters of this tactile system are small rectangular blocks called cells that contain tiny palpable bumps called raised dots. blind and visually impaired children uses this system to be able to read and write and hence it has helped to raise their literacy and employment rate levels. Today, braille is very common, some companies even produce braille business cards and signs. One such company in Ottawa is Canadian Braille Press. Founded in March 2000, the establishment has a solid reputation in the business.

For any needs in terms of braille signs, cards or transcriptions do not hesitate to contact Canadian Braille Press.

5793 Leitrim Rd.

- K0A 1K0 - Carlsbad Springs -

(613) 822-4774

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