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Thanks to the creation of the braille system, the literacy and employment level among the blind or visually impaired communities has considerably increased.

How are documents converted to braille hard copies?

To help people with vision problems have access to study materials and books, they have to be converted into braille equivalents. This is called braille embossing. It is normally done by embossers which are impact printers that renders text as tactile braille cells using special braille translation software. The cells are made on special papers which are thicker than normal papers. In Montreal, Canadian Braille Press specializes in the conversion of text (Word, HTML) into single or double sided braille hard copy. It can create braille graphics and braille for multiple languages also. Founded in 2006, the company also operates in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa.

Do not hesitate to contact Canadian Braille Press for any embossing needs. They also produce braille business cards and signs.

5793 Leitrim Rd.

- K0A 1K0 - Carlsbad Springs -

(613) 822-4774

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